React App as a Wordpress Plugin rendered with Shortcode

<?php/*** Plugin.* @package reactplug* @wordpress-plugin* Plugin Name:     React With WP Plugin* Description:     ReactJS plugin for Wordpress* Author:          Wes Huber* Author URL:* Version:         1.0*/?>
npm init
npm install @wordpress/scripts --save-dev
"scripts": {        
"build": "wp-scripts build"
const defaults = require('@wordpress/scripts/config/webpack.config');module.exports = {
externals: {
react: 'React',
'react-dom': 'ReactDOM',
const { render } = wp.element; import App from './App';import './style.css';if (document.getElementById('my-react-app')) {render(<App />, document.getElementById('my-react-app'));}
const App = () => {return (<div class="container"><h2>Hello World From React App {}</h2></div>);};export default App;
npm run build



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Wesley Huber

Wesley Huber

I'm 29 years old, Freelance Web Developer and Boardsports enthusiast